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Portable Smart scooter électrique 2 double deux roues Self Balancing scooter

Portable Smart scooter électrique 2 double deux roues Self Balancing scooter
Portable Smart scooter électrique 2 double deux roues Self Balancing scooter

Portable Smart scooter électrique 2 double deux roues Self Balancing scooter

[TW-02-Main] 2 Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter Drift Board Scooter Smart Self-balancing Balance Wheel. Bleu auto équilibrage 2 Roues Mini Hover Board Skateboard Scooter électrique. Black Smart Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Scooter Balance 2 wheels Skateboard.

2 Wheel Smart Balance Electric Scooter Skateboard Motorized Standing Drift Board. Balancing Scooter Sport Electric Scooter Smart 2 Wheel Board Drift Board. Two Wheel Smart Self Balancing Electric Scooter Drifting Surf Skateboard.

Smart Self Balancing Scooters Electric Drifting Board Personal Adult Transporter. 36V Battery Operated 2 Wheel Electric Standing Scooter City Transportation. 220V 14''Electric LED Single Wheel Smart Auto Balance Unicycle Scooter 2200mA.

LED électrique monocycle unique One Wheel Scooter Auto Balance Monocycle Vélo. 14 Inch Handle Self balance Unicycle Foldable Single Smart Electric Wheelbarrow. 18 km/h Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Scooter Electric Skateboard Wheelbarrow.

Portable Folding Lightweight Smart Electric Scooter Skateboard Bicycle Off Road. 2 Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter Drift Board Scooter Smart Self-balancing Balance Wheel.

Make sure that the device is sufficiently charged each time you ride. Portable Smart scooter électrique 2 double deux roues Self Balancing scooter. White Self Balancing Electric Scooter 2 wheels Skateboard Personal Transporter.

Rouge auto équilibrage 2 Roues Mini Hover Board Skateboard Scooter électrique. 2PCS Mini Smart Electric Scooter 2 Wheel Hover Board Unicycle Self Balancing. Marque auto équilibrage 2 Roues Mini Hover Board Skateboard Scooter électrique. 10 motor smart auto équilibrage scooter électrique monocycle 2 roues bord hover.

Smart auto équilibrage scooter électrique monocycle 2 roues drift bord hover. Enfants 300W Équilibrage Hoverboard 2 Roues électrique Self Balancing Scooter. Chidren Smart Self Balancing Electric Scooter 2 Wheel Unicycle Hover Board. The self balancing wheels scooters quite similar to a scooter, but rather easier to control direction than a scooter. Short-distance travel is very convenient. This radical self balanced vehicle is designed to give the riders an effort-less riding experience with minimal learning time. It accelerates by simply applying pressure with the front your feet. It carries two driver motors withing the wheels that can be controlled with both feet individually for easy turns, rotation, acceleration and smooth breaking.

-This dual wheel auto balancing electric scooter allows a much more stable ride and a faster response. It is safer and easier to control. The turning radius can be zero, which means that it can be operated in a very narrow space, reaching almost every possible place where people can make. You can also stand still on it and even turn 360 degree in a spot. Just step on, you will be able to ride it.

-Just imagine the scenery when you are riding the scooter on the way to work or home. Your unique taste and personality will be utterly shown. NOTE: The products might appear slightly different due to different batches, but the parameters remain the same. Black, Blue, Red, White, Green.

High-tech self balancing technique, double balance with built-in gyroscope and gravity sensor, extremely easy to control, just adjust your body weight center, your scooter will flexibly move forward, backward, left, right, and even turn 360 degree in a spot. Most compact body feeling car in the world, adopts the most advanced technology, ensuring the compactness of the internal parts, making it much smaller and much lighter. Germany-imported motor, powerful, high temperature resistant, impact resistant, excellent performance.

Large-capacity battery, zero emissions, safe, environmentally friendly. Superior natural rubber tire, wear-resistant, suitable for various road conditions.

Body feeling non-skid rubber pedals, can flex up and down to open / close the built-in switch. It can detect whether rider standing on it or not. Cool and fashionable LED front lights. Tire: Free inflatable vacuum tire.

Battrey:44000 mah Samsung chip lithium -polymer battery. Mileage : approx 15-20kmdepends on rider's weight, road conditions, etc. Motor Operating Voltage: DC 36V. Motor Rate Power: 2 x 250W.

Maximum Speed: 12km / h. Motor Size: 6.5 inch motor. Dimensions: 58.4 x 16.8 x 17.8 cm / 22.95 x 6.60 x 7.00 inches. Maximum Load: approx 100 kg.

Vehicle Weight: approx 10 kg. Climbing angle: around 15°-30°(depends on rider's weight). We very highly recommend trying to get comfortable on the scooter indoors first (don't worry, it doesn't scratch hardwood floors), preferably in a corridor where your hands can reach the wall on both sides, or at least one side for balance. If not a corridor, there should at least be something like a countertop that you can grab on to in order to stop.

We say this only because there is a small chance of falling on your first few tries, particularly when getting off the scooter (getting on is easy). Find a place clear of any obstacles on the floor. Place one foot on the scooter while holding on to a wall/table/object for balance.

Don't press this foot too hard coz the pressure-sensitive motor will start to rattle - try to keep the foot light. Place the second foot on the second pad and you'll see that balance is not too difficult to maintain.

Once you're comfortable, free your arm of any support you may be holding on to. The motor kicks in just with your weight and starts to move forward. You might find it too slow at first, but you'll get used to moving it fairly quickly. In other words, you are applying light pressure on the front part of the foot pad.

In the same manner, if you wish to slow down, simply press your heels down. Don't worry if this seems difficult on the first try, it becomes intuitive very quickly. Turning - It's quite amazing how easy turning is. You won't have to do a thing to turn.

All you have to do is "think" of the turn. This needs to be tried, hard to explain, but it works extremely well and there's never a missed turn. After you get used to it, you can pretty much spin on this scooter standing in one place without really moving forward. Stopping - Pressing heels down helps you slow down and stop.

Again, this becomes easy after the first few rides. However, when you're first starting out using the scooter, this is the trickiest part, at least that's what I experienced. Natural tendency is to hold your body back when you're trying to stop. However, the scooter keeps moving forward, and here is where you can be disconnected from the scooter and fall flat on your back - yep, I did. It is easy to fall if you don't have anything to grab on to.

Once you get used to it, stopping comes easy without any support. TIPS FOR USE - The main thing to remember when riding this scooter is to stay relaxed. Staying relaxed helps you keep a balanced posture. Try not to lean back - a very natural tendency when you first try it, but should be avoided.

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Portable Smart scooter électrique 2 double deux roues Self Balancing scooter