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Mini Véhicule Léger Skate Board Scooter Electrique Auto Monocycle Balance Gold

Mini Véhicule Léger Skate Board Scooter Electrique Auto Monocycle Balance Gold

Mini Véhicule Léger Skate Board Scooter Electrique Auto Monocycle Balance Gold
Mini Véhicule Léger Skate Board Scooter Electrique Auto Monocycle Balance Gold. Dual Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter. Safe, Easy to learn, double balancing systems keep you in balance. Replace traditional cars, bring more convenience to your life and business. A fantastic Gift for your children, friends and relatives.

4400mAh LG Battery, 10kmph, 100kg Max Load. 36V, 2x350 Watt Electric Motors. This Dual Wheel Self Balancing electric scooter, two. A 4400mAh LG lithium battery has speeds up to 10 kmph and is the new way to travel. Why walk when you can roll on this effortless self balancing electric scooter as it's as easy to use as standing up.

With two independently controlled 350Watt electric motors each of the two wheels on this self balancing scooter can be driven separately for great maneuverability that allows you to pivot on the spot and turn with complete ease. The built in gyroscopes ensure that this self balancing scooter remains upright with minimal effort making it easy to master in minutes.

With a 10kmph maximum speed you can cruise along at a fast jogging pace and thanks to the large 4400mAh LG battery you get a travel range of around 15 to 20km per charge, depending on speed and gradient of course. Even if you can't ride a bike you can probably master this dual wheeled electric scooter as it requires very little balance or input from the user to remain upright.

Just stand with legs slightly apart on the foot rests and the sensor pads under each foot will detect if you lean forward or backwards to which in turn controls the speed. For turning you just apply a slightly greater pressure to the outside wheel and this will cause the motor to speed up resulting in a gentle curve for easy steering. Alternatively you can pirouette on the spot by driving one wheel forward and the other backwards which brings great maneuverability. This lets you take it where other forms of transport couldn't go so you can easily use this to navigate the halls and corridors at work or school and maneuver around pedestrians on a busy plaza or esplanade without danger.

To keep you visible and draw the attention on envious from all there are two lights so even in the dark you won't trip anyone up. Unlike many forms of electric transport where the wheels are aligned front to rear this electric dual wheels scooter has wheels aligned side by side so you can remain stationary and in perfect balance by just standing upright meaning you needed keep getting on and off at pedestrian crossings or if you want to do a bit of window shopping. Being able to master gradients of 15 degrees means you aren't limited to where you can go so fun can be had almost anywhere. Material: Stainless steel + PC Max Mileage.

Depending on driving Max Speed. Max Load: 100kg Power:700W (350W x 2) Battery. Build in LG Li-ion battery (36V, 4.4 Ah). Battery Capacity:4400mAh Charge Time: About 2 Hours Safe Climbing Angle: 15 Degrees Tire: 7 Inch Non inflatable hollow tire Waterproof Rating: IP54 Platform Height: 11cm Ground Height: 3cm Light: 2 tail lamps Non-slip foot panel Speed Protection: Over 10 km/h will open Button: Open button. Dimensions Main Product Dimensions: 584186178mm (L x W x D) Main Product Weight:10500g.

Package Contents 1× Dual Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter 1× Power adapter 1× Power cable 1× User Manual. Hier können Sie hoch Qualität Artikels mit niedrigem Preis finden, und wir bieten schnelle Lieferung, professionelle Kundenservice an. Ihre Zufriedenheit ist unser Ziel. Danke für Ihren Kauf bei uns. NOTE: Bazehlung sollte innerhalb von 4 Tagen fertig.

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Mini Véhicule Léger Skate Board Scooter Electrique Auto Monocycle Balance Gold